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Initiated in 1983 , Amar Enterprises has been the first movers and pioneers in the field of Export Trade of Handcrafted products in the country . The emphasis has been on delivering carefully hand curated products which are aesthetically and utility driven  . Each unit is hand crafted - hand painted which takes high level of craftsmanship in pursuit of attainment of high quality results while adhering to industry standards excellence.

We believe that preservation of environment is highly significant making our sourcing of material absolutely sustainable through up-cycling and recycling processes.

From procurement to production to delivery fulfilment of the order conscious measures are practised since inception day of the business to deliver utmost satisfaction to our clients while considering growth of our local craftsman aiding in preserving this skilful ancient art of producing through hands.


Our Product range not only focus on aesthetics but also has the functionality trait to themselves making giving them a holistic approach


The Emphasis is on sustainable sourcing and upcycling as an integral part of the production cycle, as well as inclusion of shared value benefiting the local craftsmen and surrounding regions.


From production to packing to fulfilling delivery of the product , high quality measures are adopted at every chronological step.

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